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Smash cake


From 4 months they advise solid food for babies, and maybe it doesn’t aply for all babies, our baby was really ready for it! At that time he was grabbing to our plate a lot. From 4 months he ate a lot, choked many times and doubled in length and weight.


We didn’t gave him much sugar or candy or other “bad things”. When he turned one year old, I wanted to make a cake for him. In America they call this a smash cake (the first cake for your baby, for his first birthday), why?  because besides eating cake, babies seem to like smashing a cake.

When I became one year old, my parents baked me a smashcake, and even made a video of it (how modern!) But my parents had never heard of the American tradition, they just invented their own tradition.

It was kind of hard to find a nice and “healthy” recipe, but finally I found a really nice one here: Gluten free almond cake with lavender honey.

He ate it al, and the dog helped him a little bit..




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