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Window decorations made from clay

Hey there, it has been a long time since I wrote, its about time!

The activity for today are handmade window decorations from clay. Easy to make, also with the little ones, and they look so nice on a branch in the window, above the cradle or somewhere else in the room.


You need:

– airdrying clay

– rolling pin

– cookie cutters

– thread and some little beads

– toothpicks for the holes


Role out the clay, cut the forms you want ( or better even, let your child do all that and let them decide what cutters to use)

let the clay harden for some days and hang it up with some beads.


These ones are on my window on a nice branch from outside. This might even be nice to do for christmas decorations, the clay can be colored once it is dry.

Have fun!

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