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Handmade handsoap

Hello there, it has been a long time, I know! I promise to try and be online more often. In the meantime there where quite some posts on the facebook page of Bubbles, check that out! Very interesting stuff!


This post is about wasting shampoo and showersoap. Who else has got that problem, just before you really finished the bottle, you buy a new one, leaving the “just not empty” one to sit on the side of the bathtub forever. Well, today I will show you what to do with those leftovers.

The leftovers make for a little entertaining activity, that is also very usefull!

You will need:

– leftover shampoo or shouersoap, mix them if it is not enough.

– cornstarch

You will need to mix it using one little cup of shampoo or soap or both and two little cups of cornstarch.

Mix them well with a spoon, and than take it out of the bowl and kneed it to make a kind of dough.

You can add some foodcolouring, but that is optional.


Let them have some fun with it. My little one sat with the bowl on her lap, kneeding away for almost half an hour. Once they are finished for now, store the soap in a plastic container with a lid.

And now the added fun bit! They can wash their hands with it! Just take a little bit of the stuff and use it like soap. The cornstarch will dissapear in the water leaving the little hands smelling nice and clean!


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